PRE SALE Snake Gym Master


PRE-SALE - $13.00 ($16.00 after sale)

If your thinking about moving to California to make a new life for yourself, look out for the Snake Gym Master!

He doesnt take lighlty to guys trying to muscle in on his ex-girl friends.  He'll hit first and hard and show no mercy!


The Snake Gym Master custom designed and printed minifigure.  He comes complete with tousled hair, reversable head, double sided torso and multi-sided legs.

Hair, head, torso and legs are all brand new geniune LEGO parts that have been reworked and reprinted by us.


At Brickin It Customs we only use the most up to date printing methods to guarantee the quality expected in a genuine Lego Minifigure.  This Minifigure is completely Pad printed it will not rub, peel or run off, it is incredibly durable for the roughest of players!

This is a Pre-sale.  The Minifigure is not yet ready to be shipped. If you order this item with any other products they will not ship until this minifigure is ready.  You will be notified when the item is ready to ship.