Jack Brickton

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He's a reasonable guy, but he's just experienced some unreasonable things!

Jack Brickton, a tough-talking, wisecracking truckdriver who's hum-drum life on the brick road has taken a sudden supernatural tailspin.  He finds himself deep beneath your brick city in a creature filled world only limited by your imagination!

Will you pit him against demons, magicians and terrors or display him on your beside cabinet?


Jack Brickton custom designed and printed minifigure.  He comes complete with 80's legend mullet hair by Area light Customs, a reversable head, double sided torso, Brick Forge gun and knife.

Head, torso, legs all brand new geniune LEGO parts that have been reworked and reprinted by us.


At Brickin It Customs we only use the most up to date printing methods to guarantee the quality expected in a genuine Lego Minifigure.  It will not rub, peel or run off it is incredibly durable for the roughest of players!