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Celebrate the 30th Anniversary of your favourite movie with this exclusive Minifigure. 

Are you a God? She'll give you a nasty shock if you're not! 

Of note she was worshiped as a God by Sumerians and Hittites in 6000 BC.

Give your busters something to do with this custom designed and printed minifigure.  She comes complete with Godly hair, deep red eyes and lightning accessories.

Hair, head, torso, legs and lightning all brand new geniune LEGO parts that have been reworked and reprinted by us.

At Brickin It Customs we only Pad print our MiniFigs, this is the only way to guarantee the quality expected in a genuine Lego Minifigure.  It will not rub, peel or run off it is incredibly durable for the roughest of players!