Brickin It One Off #3

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The third of our exclusive Brickin It One Off's.

All genuine Lego parts Head, Torso and Legs reworked and printed with our exclusive design. 

You will get one complete Minifigure with printed head, hair, Torso and legs, plus a blue cape by 'Capes for Minifigs'


Very limited editions, just 10 minifigures produced.  We will never make this design again!

We will be producing more exclusive Brickin It One Offs so keep an eye out on our website and social media for details.


These characters will never be produced or sold on this site by us again, they may be alternative versions of characters we produce or completely random characters but once they are gone they are gone, so get in quick.



All designs are printed using our high quality UV printer.




For sneak peeks at the designs check out our facebook site -